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Bloody Unlikely's first album, One in a Million, is due to be released soon! To reserve your copy today, email sales@bloodyunlikely.com with your request!

Track List:
  1. One in a Million
  2. Take a Spin
  3. Entropy
  4. My Cardigan
  5. Endolphins
  6. Ode to Jules
  7. Maximum Velocity
  8. Eudaimornia
  9. Sir Pirate Newton
  10. Kittens and Their Mittens
  11. So I heard you like...
  12. We do it in the Hall
  13. Cruentus Inverisimilis
Bloody Unlikely is not currently touring, but will be soon! Check back here soon for dates and locations:
Bloody Unlikely can be reached by mail, through our producer, Screaming Beluga Records (www.screamingbeluga.com), at:

1275 Morninglory Avenue, Parkfield Nebraska, 57008

For issues involving the website, email the admin at admin@bloodyunlikely.com
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