Hit it, Solar Farmer!


  • Power Output: W
  • Price per kWh: $
  • Money: $
  • (Money per hour:) $
  • Land Used/Total: /
  • Array Capacity:
  • Inverter Capacity:
  • Season:
  • Day:
  • Weather:
  • Solar Radiation: W/m2
  • Temperature: °F
  • Array Efficiency:
  • Total Days:

Basic Panel

These panels are...okay. They kind of look like they fell off a truck, but they should get the job done.

You have Basic Panels.

Each Basic Panel costs $150 and takes up 1 m2 of land.

Sell Basic Panels for half cost to recover land.


Better Panel

Now we're talking. These Better Panels are Better.

You have Better Panels.

Each Better Panel costs $250 and takes up 1 m2 of land.


Tracking Panel

Panels work best when they're pointed at the sun. Upgrade your Better Panels with a dual-axis tracking system to keep them pointed in the right direction from dawn till dusk.

You have Tracking Panels.

Upgrading a Better Panel to a Tracking Panel costs $500, takes up 1 m2 of land, and removes one Better Panel.



These little guys hang from the undersides of your panels, and take up no land.

You have Microinverters.

Each Microinverters adds 250 W to your inverter capacity.

Each Microinverters costs $250.


Hella Inverter

The Hella Inverter is Hella Big, and takes up a square meter of your precious barren, desloate land.

You have Hella Inverters.

Each Hella Inverter adds 2500 W to your inverter capacity.

Each Hella Inverter costs $1500 and takes up 1 m2 of land.


Land Office

Buy more land!

General Upgrades

Sorry! There doesn't seem to be anything here yet.

How To Play!

  1. Buy panels to collect solar radiation and inverters that will convert your panels' DC power to AC that you can sell back on the grid!
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

Build up your array. Each panel is rated to a peak output, depending on that panel's wattage per m2 efficiency. You'll only see that peak output on the best of solar days (sunny and low temperatures).

Panels produce DC power, but you need to convert it to AC to sell it on the grid. Buy enough inverters to handle the energy your panels are producing.

Okay but really. Your job is to tap into the immense power source that is that big firey ball in the sky. Solar energy shines down on your happy patch of land, with an intensity of roughly ______ kilowatts per square meter. Your solar panels can get about 15% of that energy, and convert it into DC electrical power. You then need inverters to turn that DC power into AC power, so you can sell it on the grid and all the happy people can run their electric toothbrushes and rice cookers. The amount of solar energy varies slightly every day, and greatly throughout the seasons. And I just bored myself writing this so I'll work it more later.

Hints: Having your array capacty slightly overspecced above your inverter capacity will likely save you money. Inverters are expensive and you won't always hit your array capacity.

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9/9/14 version 0.1

First version.